We love collaborative projects that inspire people to create something new based on a common theme.  The Special Passenger compilation albums all begin with a random idea or theme and then spread to friends and family who create something special to submit.  We accept every submission and typically make handmade limited run CDs and  plan an awesome release party for each project.  Check out all of our compilations on our bandcamp page, or stream them below.

Queen Of The Dome  /  November 2012  /  A birthday present for a man who lives in a geodesic dome and loves his dog Ruby more than anything else.


Feels Like Coming Home  /  October 2011  /  Songs about cities, towns, musical communities and the feeling we all seek of finding a place to call home.


Cicada Summer  /  June 2011  /  The 13 year cicadas emerged in a brutal force of noise that summer, resulting in an eclectic album of songs about insects, pests, and the sounds of nature.


Family Portait  /  May 2010  /  We asked our friends and families to take a break from their regular lives and create a song together.  This album is the kind of special that only familial love can create.


Might Could Right Quick  /  April 2010  /  A collaboration with four Jackson, MS bands and two DJs called Hot & Lonely who created dance remixes of the folk and rock songs.


The Wedding Album  /  February 2010  /  Three love songs from a fateful wedding of two bands.  Features the vows of Senryu and The Bachelorettes and the toast by Katie and the Bass Drums.


The Hanukkah Project  /  December 2009  /  A holiday album unlike any you have heard.  Songs of joy, sadness, latkes, Jewish guilt, Maccabees and more.


The Special Passenger Project  /  April 2009  /  The original project that inspired the label!  Seventeen songs about Special Passengers of all nature.  What does the phrase ‘Special Passenger’ mean to you?


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