Dubb Nubb moves to Como

So, our babies graduated high school which means that they are officially not babies anymore. They are now college freshmen at the University of Missouri in Columbia which means that Hannah, Delia, Lizzie and I are all living in the same town.  This is a very special thing.  It means that we get to share meals, that I am officially a member of Dubb Nubb and that the four of us are starting a new band together!!!  Here is a list of  some other cool things that have happened to us lately:

1.  The Riverfront Times music feature article by our friend Mike.   He interviewed us and came to a bunch of our shows this summer and wrote a great article about Special Passenger and Dubb Nubb.  Read it here!


2. The Boone Dawdle.  We all played on the MKT trail during the True False Boone Dawdle, a bike ride to the winery in Rocheport.  Dubb Nubb played for 300 bikers next to a snow cone/pickle stand and Lizzie and Britt played and rode a tandem bike down the whole trail.  The next day, Dubb Nubb’s picture was in the front page of the Columbia Tribune! post dispatch pic

3. LOU FEST!!! Dubb Nubb played on the Area K stage for a really really nice group of friends, kids and people walking by.  The festival was awesome and we werevery honored to get to play.  Oh, and Delia and my picture was in the paper the next day.  Go figure.

mound city baby

4.  We released a song!!!  Inspired by our time at Loufest, we released a song off the new Dubb Nubb album. The song is called ‘Mound City Baby‘and it is Dubb Nubb’s ode to St. Louis.  The song was written for our compilation project Feels Like Coming Home which will feature an awesome song by Lizzie too.  You can listen to the Dubb Nubb song below and download it off bandcamp.

5. Pearl and the Beard show!!!  Last week we opened for one of our favorite bands, Pearl and the Beard.  Sigh.  Just please see them next time they are in your town, ok?  And give them breakfast and hugs.  We can’t wait for them to come back for True False.



March Madness!

183065_200710886624999_165345083494913_692356_5085920_n-300x200Dudes.  It is totally the middle of April and worlds of things are happening in our tiny little world but here are some things that happened back in the day.  (March)  It started out with the True False Film Festival which was wonderful enough to invite both Dubb Nubb and Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship to play before films. People liked us.


We released a special Lizzie EP just for festival attendees with 4 songs that she wrote on her birthday and BUG TRADING CARDS!!



Yep. Zoe McRuth came to town for a week and recorded a Dubb Nubb full length album that will come out this July. It was a blast and we are so excited to hear the songs and then let you hear them too. It’s 11 songs and features some of our friends like Lizzie and Emily D. and Cecelia and I even played drums and glockenspiel. Zoe is also an amazing photographer and took pics of the nubbs playing a house show, and recording, and becoming MERMAIDS!!!!


207390_10150137565887409_64873432408_6690995_2258425_nAt the end of the month, dear Lizzie went home to dear Jackson and played a show at dear Sneaky Beans with some other dears too! LOOK AT THE POSTER. IT’S GORJUS!!!  OH DEAR!!!







Happy New Year!!

Did you know that 2011 is going to be the best year ever?  We are starting the year with SO MANY EXCITING THINGS to share.  Check it out:

DUBB NUBB is featured in January’s issue of St. Louis Magazine!  Pick one up around St. Louis and we will post the article as soon as they add it to their website.

January 14th is the release of the SHINY MOUNTAIN SPLIT, a 7″ featuring Dubb Nubb and uncle Cory Taylor Cox!  Come to the release show in St. Louis at Foam and order your record today on our Kickstarter page.   We will be touring to Bloomington, IN as well as the Daytrotter studo in Rock Island and Iowa City.  Show details coming soon.

LIZZIE WRIGHT SUPER SPACE SHIP is currently recording a full length album!  She recorded most of the album in Boulder, CO before Christmas and just finished some additional instrumentation in Jackson.  There will be 11 songs featuring lots of special appearances by some really talented and wonderful people including Tyler Despres, Nathan Wheeler, Jamie Weems, Matthew Mcgee, Neal Wright, Alex Pieschel, and Amanda!  The album will be coming out this spring!!!


Amanda and Annie are beginning a long term project that involves a compilation album and an eventual documentary film called FEELS LIKE COMING HOME.  For a long time now, Annie the anthropologist has been thinking about indie-music scenes as meaningful communities for American youth culture, and we’re going to explore this idea through the music from these communities.  Spesh Pass has been recruiting bands from all over the country to write songs about their homes for a compilation album to be released this Spring.  Then, over the next year or so, Amanda and Annie are going to travel to the homes of these bands, put on shows, and film interviews for a documentary about indie music scenes across the nation.  Wheeeee!

yay!  happy 2011 to all the special passengers of the world!


Happy Hanukkah!!

We wish you a happy and special Hanukkah!!   Please celebrate by downloading these Hanukkah songs by all four Special Passenger Bands:

The Bachelorettes – Be My Maccabee

Dubb Nubb – Hannukah Harry

Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship – Dear Judah

Dee Bird – I’ve Never Known You in December

Don’t have a menorah? (mine got lost in the Josh Hailey garage sale extravaganza)  Click here to light a virtual menorah!  Need some more information about Hanukkah?  Google it!

Enjoy the last two nights of Hanukkah!!  Happy winter!


Press and Videos!

Happy August to all our special passengers (that means YOU!)  I am currently sweating in Columbia, MO which is just the cutest and most charming town even when the heat index is 108.  I start school next week and am counting down the months until Lizzie moves here.  (it’s 4.5)

Lizzie has been playing like crazy all around Jackson with a new boy back up band and new songs and she is planning a west coast tour with Emily Baker for the end of the month.  Click here to read a very lengthy and detailed article about our favorite rockstar who loves bugs.  Thanks Scott Albert J!


Lizzie just started a blog to upload songs and photos and tell you all about her adventures in music and nature.  Read it here!

Dubb Nubb also got a great little shout out on a blog last week called Audio Candy.  They just found the nubbs on myspace and fell in love!

St. Louis folks should go to Foam on Cherokee St Friday night to see H&D play at We’re Wolf’s CD release show!  RSVP here.

The other cute thing I would like to share is that there are videos on the youtube of the Teen Room show in the Rainey basement.  Teen Room was our summer project sistercousin garage pop band!  Hannah played electric guitar (and trumpet in a song about dead dogs!) Delia sang and played keyboard and Jessica and I both played percussion.  We wrote 5 songs and played a couple of Dubb Nubb tunes and even did a Fastball cover.  Check out the videos!!


It was so great to spend so much time with my sisters and cousin this summer, and hopefully this is not the end of Teen Room!!!!


teeeeeeeeen rorom