We believe in the power of playing and experiencing music with friends and strangers in interesting and intimate spaces. We strive for every show we book to be a unique night of music, friends, food and community.

Columbia Booking  

  • We host monthly weekend shows at The Dome, a geodesic venue in Ashland, MO about 25 minutes outside of town.  We feed bands dinner and provide an intimate show in the country. Often referred to as band’s favorite shows of tour.
  • Acoustic shows occasionally happen in a giant bedroom in downtown Columbia.  These are the most intimate of all and are often preceded by a delicious potlock.
  • We work at an ice cream shop and sometimes do really sweet shows there!
  • We are affiliated with the new DIY venue in Columbia called 602 Fay St.
  • We often play and go to shows at other venues in town and can put you in touch with their booking people.  We love Mojos, The Blue Fugue and The Bridge!  Columbia really has a great downtown music scene.

National Tour Booking

We have booked multiple 2-4 week tours all across the country with shows in backyards, coffee shops, DIY venues, bars, living rooms, and more.  We love to help people out and can give suggestions for some contacts and venues.  Please contact us if you are interested in tour booking services.


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