Dubb Nubb

Dubb NubbDubb Nubb is an indie-folk duo from St. Louis, Missouri made up of twin sisters Hannah and Delia Rainey. Hannah and Delia have been playing together since the womb, and perhaps this connection contributes to their unusual talent and mature songwriting. Dubb Nubb writes songs that are both mean and sweet, with a knack for summer moon lyrics and acoustic charm. The twins started writing music together at age 15, incorporating Hannah’s five years of classical guitar training and Delia’s poetic gifts. Since then, they have taught themselves acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele and continue to write songs that span genres and warm the souls of animals and humans everywhere. Their debut release, “The Best Game Ever,” was recorded in Jackson, MS in March of 2009 and was released on Special Passenger Records. Their new EP “New Bones” was released May 22, 2010 at their 18th birthday party. Special Passenger Records is releasing a limited run of “New Bones” in handmade fabric casings.

Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship

Lizzie Wright Super Space ShipSuper Space Ship is the creative project of Lizzie Wright. Wright combines heartfelt love songs, quirky dance numbers, and post-apocalyptic scenarios to create an eclectic variety of tunes. She is known for her bilingual love songs, her demands for audience participation (“At this point in the song, I want you to have a party!”), and her range of vocal stylings (from cute to coy to could-you-get-any-more-soulful?). Wright plays solo or collaborates with Jackson locals Annie Blazer, Amanda Rainey, and Peter Glover for performances. Special Passenger Records released her five song EP, “November Tree,” in December of 2009. “November Tree” was a month long songwriting project where Wright explored trees with a ukulele. In summer of 2010, Wright toured the east coast with friend and collaborator Peter Squires.

Dee Bird

Dee BirdDee Bird is a girl and her ukulele, a solo project of Delia Rainey from Dubb Nubb.  Dee Bird is a whistling storyteller of simple and sweet tunes.  Dee Bird writes songs on the sea turtle ukulele Delia got for her 17th birthday, which also happens to be world turtle day.  Shortly after receiving this gift, Delia set off on tour as the singer for The Bachelorettes. Dee Bird set off as well, gaining inspiration from the road, and writing songs on the ukey the whole way.  Delia has always been blessed with the ability to write and sing what everyone is feeling and Dee Bird manifests this gift simply and honestly.  Dee Bird songs are youthful and mature, sweet and sad, flawed and perfect.

The Bachelorettes

The Bachelorettes are a 60s-style girlpop group out of Jackson, MS. The four members (Annie Blazer on bass, Lizzie Wright on guitar and back up vocals, Rachel Jarman on lead vocals, and Amanda Rainey on drums) found each other in fall of 2009 and quickly formed what would soon become a local sensation. The group employed theatrics and costumes in their act and has become a Jackson favorite, playing anything from door-to-door singing valentines to art openings to late night bar shows. The girls enjoy spending time together and writing new songs based on their lives and friends. According to Annie, “What I love about 60s pop is that the themes are universal, but the context is very specific. So, we sing about naïve love like the Ronettes, but instead of drag racing or going steady, we sing about facebook and Obama.” The Bachelorettes are serious about costumes; they have an array of matching outfits and wigs that construct a 60s feel to their shows. The Bachelorettes toured the east coast in summer of 2009 and made many new friends. They played their last show in June of 2010.

“Wiggin’ Out,” coverage of The Bachelorettes in the Jackson Free Press


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