State Your Song


One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with people that I love on fun projects!  Josh Hailey is a photographer and artist and musician and silly man and one of my best friends from Jackson, MS.  He has been traveling the country for the past 2 years to take pictures and videos and find out what people think about the state of life in America.  Check out the Photamerica website to see some of his adventures!

Among many projects he plans to do with all of his footage is a series of music videos for each state.  That’s where Special Passenger comes in!  We cooked up a project called State Your Song where bands can upload any songs they have about states to the website to create a national playlist of America.  At the beginning of October, Josh and I will pick one song from each state to go into a beautiful music video similar to this one:

Throughout our search for artists and songs, we have found that state names pop up in tons of songs!  It seems that singing about our homes and about our travels are recurring themes for musicians today and throughout the history of our country.  State Your Song hopes to tell stories of America through a wide variety of sounds and styles.  Please pass the website on to anyone you know with a state song or the desire to write one!  Let’s go places!!!


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