Dubb Nubb moves to Como

So, our babies graduated high school which means that they are officially not babies anymore. They are now college freshmen at the University of Missouri in Columbia which means that Hannah, Delia, Lizzie and I are all living in the same town.  This is a very special thing.  It means that we get to share meals, that I am officially a member of Dubb Nubb and that the four of us are starting a new band together!!!  Here is a list of  some other cool things that have happened to us lately:

1.  The Riverfront Times music feature article by our friend Mike.   He interviewed us and came to a bunch of our shows this summer and wrote a great article about Special Passenger and Dubb Nubb.  Read it here!


2. The Boone Dawdle.  We all played on the MKT trail during the True False Boone Dawdle, a bike ride to the winery in Rocheport.  Dubb Nubb played for 300 bikers next to a snow cone/pickle stand and Lizzie and Britt played and rode a tandem bike down the whole trail.  The next day, Dubb Nubb’s picture was in the front page of the Columbia Tribune! post dispatch pic

3. LOU FEST!!! Dubb Nubb played on the Area K stage for a really really nice group of friends, kids and people walking by.  The festival was awesome and we werevery honored to get to play.  Oh, and Delia and my picture was in the paper the next day.  Go figure.

mound city baby

4.  We released a song!!!  Inspired by our time at Loufest, we released a song off the new Dubb Nubb album. The song is called ‘Mound City Baby‘and it is Dubb Nubb’s ode to St. Louis.  The song was written for our compilation project Feels Like Coming Home which will feature an awesome song by Lizzie too.  You can listen to the Dubb Nubb song below and download it off bandcamp.

5. Pearl and the Beard show!!!  Last week we opened for one of our favorite bands, Pearl and the Beard.  Sigh.  Just please see them next time they are in your town, ok?  And give them breakfast and hugs.  We can’t wait for them to come back for True False.



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