12 ” Pizza Split

Last week, along with our friends Distro Sux, we released the Comfort Zone/Task Force 12″ Pizza Split.  We have been working on this record for months and I’m super proud of how it turned out.  It has been a community effort of pitching in to screen print, stamp, make posters and lyrics pages and press 300 records.  The record itself has 23 total songs and I think it really reflects the punk community here in Columbia.  If you hold one in your hands, read the lyrics and listen to the album you will know what I mean.  Also, go to Hairhole shows.  No jerks.

Last November, I participated in a 48 hour band competition and created the band Comfort Zone in one weekend with three amazing people I had just met.  You can read more about my experience in 48 hours at Como Collective.  We stayed a band after that weekend and recorded our 11 songs for the album at the Hairhole back in March.  You can see a bunch of photos from our 8 hour recording session here.  Task Force is an awesome band that has been a Columbia staple for several years and they also practice at the Hairhole.  We released the album at their last show for a while due to traveling band members.

Here is a little teaser from the record – both of our bands have theme songs!!!   Listen to them!!!
The Task Force Shuffle
Comfort Zone The Song

You can order a copy on our etsy page or just find one of us on the street in Columbia.