Cicada Summer


Last month, Columbia MO and many other parts of the country were infested with the sounds and the swarms of the 13 year cicadas.  I was on tour with Dubb Nubb in Murfreesboro, TN when I first experienced their deafening sounds.  Our couchsurfing hosts at House Pride told us their recipe for sauteed cicadas and Delia wrote a cicada song.  The next day Lizzie sent me a song she wrote for cicadas and we decided that we had to do a compilation album!  When we got back to Missouri things got a little nutty at Sparky’s and it seemed that everyone had something to say or sing about cicadas.  I even met up with Josh from Butterflies in Chapel Hill, NC during the J-Tran tour and he wrote a song about the cicada ice cream fiasco.  We ended up getting 17 songs (and a bonus track you get when you download the album!) including some of our favorite bands and several bands that were formed just for the project.  I’m really excited about the variety of the songs – there is acoustic, country, techno, ambient, rap, acapella, metal, electronic and rock n roll. On the last day to turn in songs, my new friend Nelda and I did a songwriting workshop with a music class at Missouri Scholar’s Academy.  The group put together this song in about 30 minutes and we recorded it and surprised them at the end when we told them it would be on the album!  It looked like this: On our walk home from doing the workshop, we ran into Robby Jones on his bike and he told us that he had also written a cicada song!  He biked home and got his guitar and we recorded his song in 20 minutes as the last last minute addition to the album.

Nelda drew the CD label art which is a beautiful addition to the cover art by Justin Schultz.  Thanks to Nelda and Kim for helping make all the CDs.  Thanks to all thebands for participating and taking time to write and record such awesome songs.  I hope you like the project – please download it for free on bandcamp, or any money you would like to donate will go to help us put out the next project.

Apparently the annual cicadas are coming out soon – so watch out and enjoy your summer!