Happy New Year!!

Did you know that 2011 is going to be the best year ever?  We are starting the year with SO MANY EXCITING THINGS to share.  Check it out:

DUBB NUBB is featured in January’s issue of St. Louis Magazine!  Pick one up around St. Louis and we will post the article as soon as they add it to their website.

January 14th is the release of the SHINY MOUNTAIN SPLIT, a 7″ featuring Dubb Nubb and uncle Cory Taylor Cox!  Come to the release show in St. Louis at Foam and order your record today on our Kickstarter page.   We will be touring to Bloomington, IN as well as the Daytrotter studo in Rock Island and Iowa City.  Show details coming soon.

LIZZIE WRIGHT SUPER SPACE SHIP is currently recording a full length album!  She recorded most of the album in Boulder, CO before Christmas and just finished some additional instrumentation in Jackson.  There will be 11 songs featuring lots of special appearances by some really talented and wonderful people including Tyler Despres, Nathan Wheeler, Jamie Weems, Matthew Mcgee, Neal Wright, Alex Pieschel, and Amanda!  The album will be coming out this spring!!!


Amanda and Annie are beginning a long term project that involves a compilation album and an eventual documentary film called FEELS LIKE COMING HOME.  For a long time now, Annie the anthropologist has been thinking about indie-music scenes as meaningful communities for American youth culture, and we’re going to explore this idea through the music from these communities.  Spesh Pass has been recruiting bands from all over the country to write songs about their homes for a compilation album to be released this Spring.  Then, over the next year or so, Amanda and Annie are going to travel to the homes of these bands, put on shows, and film interviews for a documentary about indie music scenes across the nation.  Wheeeee!

yay!  happy 2011 to all the special passengers of the world!