Dubb Nubb News

More like Dubb Nubb in the news!  This week the Riverfront Times did an article about eleven local bands St. Louisians need to know about in 2011, and guess who was one of them?  The article is great and it announces some exciting things about Dubb Nubb that we are so happy to share!

First is that we are releasing our very first vinyl project, a split 7″ record with Dubb Nubb and Cory Taylor Cox.  Each band has a side with a new song and a cover of one of the other band’s previous songs.  The album will be released January 14th at Foam in St. Louis.  We are handprinting a limited run of 300 albums featuring a design by Ben Chlapek of Never Sleeping and the record itself will be transparent gold!  Please help us out with upfront costs by preordering your copy of the Shiny Mountain Split on our Kickstarter page.

The other big announcement is that Dubb Nubb is recording a Daytrotter session in January!!  Daytrotter is Hannah and Delia’s favorite music website and it has been a dream of theirs to do a session.  We are so excited and proud of our little nubbies.



Happy Hanukkah!!

We wish you a happy and special Hanukkah!!   Please celebrate by downloading these Hanukkah songs by all four Special Passenger Bands:

The Bachelorettes – Be My Maccabee

Dubb Nubb – Hannukah Harry

Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship – Dear Judah

Dee Bird – I’ve Never Known You in December

Don’t have a menorah? (mine got lost in the Josh Hailey garage sale extravaganza)  Click here to light a virtual menorah!  Need some more information about Hanukkah?  Google it!

Enjoy the last two nights of Hanukkah!!  Happy winter!