Press and Videos!

Happy August to all our special passengers (that means YOU!)  I am currently sweating in Columbia, MO which is just the cutest and most charming town even when the heat index is 108.  I start school next week and am counting down the months until Lizzie moves here.  (it’s 4.5)

Lizzie has been playing like crazy all around Jackson with a new boy back up band and new songs and she is planning a west coast tour with Emily Baker for the end of the month.  Click here to read a very lengthy and detailed article about our favorite rockstar who loves bugs.  Thanks Scott Albert J!


Lizzie just started a blog to upload songs and photos and tell you all about her adventures in music and nature.  Read it here!

Dubb Nubb also got a great little shout out on a blog last week called Audio Candy.  They just found the nubbs on myspace and fell in love!

St. Louis folks should go to Foam on Cherokee St Friday night to see H&D play at We’re Wolf’s CD release show!  RSVP here.

The other cute thing I would like to share is that there are videos on the youtube of the Teen Room show in the Rainey basement.  Teen Room was our summer project sistercousin garage pop band!  Hannah played electric guitar (and trumpet in a song about dead dogs!) Delia sang and played keyboard and Jessica and I both played percussion.  We wrote 5 songs and played a couple of Dubb Nubb tunes and even did a Fastball cover.  Check out the videos!!


It was so great to spend so much time with my sisters and cousin this summer, and hopefully this is not the end of Teen Room!!!!


teeeeeeeeen rorom


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