Welcome to our sweet website!!!

Hi! After many long months, we finally have a website (thanks to Brent Fogt!!!), 9 days before we move away from Jackson. However, Jackson will always be our home and this will always be our homepage! The past year in Jackson has been great. We’ve released ten projects since becoming a label, helped organize awesome tours for all our bands, and produced over 1,000 handmade creations! Wow! We’re sad to leave Mississippi, but we’re happy to tell you this is not the end of our label. In fact, it’s a new beginning…

Soon enough, Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, Dubb Nubb, and Dee Bird will all be located in Missouri, along with Amanda. Annie will be pursuing scholarship in Princeton, NJ, but she will be a frequent visitor in the Missouri area. Rachel will be moving back to Jackson later this summer. Her enthusiasm will more than make up for our absences.

As a farewell/welcome back Rachel, The Bachelorettes will be playing their last show EVER at Hal and Mal’s Red Room on June 10. Come out for free gifts, great music by The Bachelorettes, Senryu, and Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, and of course, hugs. We’ll see you there!

A & A.



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