Dubb Nubb did something really cute

Hey y’all, Amanda here! I am in St. Louis for the summer, spending some awesome time with my family and old friends before I move to Columbia for grad school. I am also volunteering at a little art camp in Tower Grove Park run by SCOSAG, the St. Louis City Open Studio and Gallery. I am helping out in the office while camp goes on outside. This session has been about art and music, so they invited me to talk about Special Passenger Records and Dubb Nubb to perform a concert.

There are 30 kids in the camp and they sat and listened the whole time.  They even participated in several songs, including leg slaps on Pitter Pat, and singing on several songs.  Here is a video of the end of Ahm Nam Nam with the kids singing along!

After the concert, I talked about running a little family record label and passed around copies of all our releases for them to look at. I also showed them a book of all our beautiful hand drawn concert posters and we raffled off CDs and a t-shirt to some lucky campers.  Then we passed out supplies for them to make their own posters for the Dubb Nubb performance! One camper even made a Bachelorettes poster!!!


Hannah and Delia hugged all the kids goodbye and even signed a bunch of autographs before we left!  We had so much fun, Delia and I are going back today to bring more CDs and see their end of session UnShowcase.  Thanks SCOSAG!

Check out the SCOSAG blog for more pictures of our fun morning.


The Bachelorettes Say Goodbye!

So, it’s been a wild ride. The Bachelorettes have cut an album, gone on tour, married Senryu, screenprinted tees, knitted wristbands, wrote songs about Jackson, and loved every minute of it. On June 10, we played our last show ever.

We have been so lucky to have William Patrick Butler as our official band photographer. He documented this show as well as so many other on his great blog, Scenes Around Jackson. One time we wrote a song for Patrick. It went something like this: “Ooh-wee-ooh. Thank you Patrick. Ooh-wee-ooh. You’re fantastic.” We still mean every word.

The show opened with a great set by Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship.

Lizzie recently returned from a tour with our pal Peter Squires and all her tour knowledge paid off as the set flowed smoothly and impressed everyone. She played a number of songs off her debut EP, November Tree.

We were so happy that our husBand, Senryu, could come all the way from Knoxville to play our last show with us. As usual, our men brought their costumes, energy, and theatrics.

Our final set was full of surprises!
Including a balloon drop!

And a choreographed dance!

And, best of all, a PREGNANCY!

Don’t worry, Senryu. Even though we’re no longer a band, we’ll never be deadbeat moms. We’ll always pay our child support.

Even as The Bachelorettes’ time draws to a close, Special Passenger Records has big plans for the coming year. Stay tuned for new releases from Dee Bird, Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, and Dubb Nubb! And, never forget, you will always be our special passengers.
The Ballad of Lou and Mona

Until next time,
Annie and Amanda


Welcome to our sweet website!!!

Hi! After many long months, we finally have a website (thanks to Brent Fogt!!!), 9 days before we move away from Jackson. However, Jackson will always be our home and this will always be our homepage! The past year in Jackson has been great. We’ve released ten projects since becoming a label, helped organize awesome tours for all our bands, and produced over 1,000 handmade creations! Wow! We’re sad to leave Mississippi, but we’re happy to tell you this is not the end of our label. In fact, it’s a new beginning…

Soon enough, Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, Dubb Nubb, and Dee Bird will all be located in Missouri, along with Amanda. Annie will be pursuing scholarship in Princeton, NJ, but she will be a frequent visitor in the Missouri area. Rachel will be moving back to Jackson later this summer. Her enthusiasm will more than make up for our absences.

As a farewell/welcome back Rachel, The Bachelorettes will be playing their last show EVER at Hal and Mal’s Red Room on June 10. Come out for free gifts, great music by The Bachelorettes, Senryu, and Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, and of course, hugs. We’ll see you there!

A & A.